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Protect,  Manage

Our mobile solutions keep our customers connected, securely, from anywhere, at any time

Find a Pragmatic Approach to Today’s Realities

Companies are transforming at a rapid pace. This change is enabled by embracing emerging technologies, fast-paced innovation, accelerated product and services integration, differentiated business models and going securely digital till the last mile to become part of cloud ecosystem. Companies must be continuously alert and aware of the ecosystem changes and that warrants working with an agile partner to navigate through the maze of new technologies and processes so that they can stay focused on their core purpose.

Strategic Consulting

Pacrom integrates traditional infrastructure, applications and new workplace requirements to modernize your IT operations and meet evolving demands. Our consultants work with your teams to structurally identify and resolve pain points that hamper business growth.

Remote Work Solutions

With the rising numbers of mobile workforce in Enterprises and the diversity of both ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and company owned devices, IT departments are facing a rapidly growing challenge to keep corporate data and end points secure. We work with the best in class Device Management partners to tailor and deploy Remote Work Solutions that are perfect for your Enterprise.

Mobile Hardware Management

We hold relationships with the popular manufacturers to ensure we can offer a great range of Smartphone and SIM Free devices, that fit your business requirements. Bundled with Device Management Solutions and other Productivity multipliers, Pacrom delivers a complete solution from the end point to the management. 

Content Solutions

Content is the currency that fuels Enterprise transformation. Content possesses information about customers — their behaviors, sentiments and value to the organization, but only if you can harness it. Now, more than ever, an Enterprise content platform is an essential milepost on the journey to becoming a true digital business.

Our Process


Enable seamless access to all your apps—in the cloud or on-premises—with single sign-on to ensure your workforce stays productive and the work stays secure.


Gain unparalleled security and unified access management that helps enable and protect your employees and partners working remotely.


Manage your employee devices, terminals, end points and partner devices efficiently and securely by making sure the right people have the right access to the right resources.


Protect, monitor, and audit access to critical assets while helping ensure employee productivity.

Rest Assured, Your Company is Covered

Our solution offers a wide-range of security policies that enables your IT administrators to keep data secure and prevent data leakage. We enforce strong security policies to protect corporate data while letting you focus on Business.

Why Choose Us

We believe that convergence is the key to enabling a productive and efficient workforce, driving revenue for you. At Pacrom we are focused on ensuring we consistently deliver the right portfolio of enterprise and mobility services, combined with the best security, performance and reliability.

Our simple yet complete proposition allows you to design what works for you and only you. What’s more, we provide 30-day rolling contracts to make it easy to scale up or down as required and minimise your financial risk.

All of this, combined with amazingly competitive pricing, makes solution stack the preferred solution for Enterprises in EU, Britain and Asia.


Multiple channel options available – tailor the solution to your requirements and budget


Best in class Devices from Global OEMs


Integrated with all major Device Management and End Point Solutions


Monitoring tools to proactively monitor your networks, enabling a better customer support experience


Competitively priced with a truly scale up proposition to help you maximise your profitability

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pacrom's USP?

Experience in building a solution that scales, Great References, Pricing Competitiveness and the willingness to listen and learn from our Partners and Customers is what makes us different and better. 


Who are Pacrom's top partners?

We are partners and bulk resellers of all major OEM’s and Smart Device manufacturers. We are also partners with top solution companies in our space, which helps us package a great solution with minimum fuss.


Does Pacrom build Custom Apps?

We are Value added Reseller and Distributor of Smart Devices, Rugged Terminals, End Point Management Solutions, Device Management Solutions. We have our own stack on Enterprise Content Management and a very strong business consulting team to help you create a perfect solution.


Where does Pacrom have it operations?

We go where our customers call us.

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